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Consistent school attendance is an essential component of each scholar’s education. Due to the rigor of our curriculum, supportive school community, and preparedness through fundamentals, daily attendance is of the utmost importance. Official attendance is taken each day and recorded each instructional period. Tardies and early checkouts are also recorded each day and have a significant impact on scholar learning and achievement. 

Absence from school will affect a scholar’s ability to succeed in class; therefore, scholars and parents should make every effort to avoid unnecessary absences. Additionally, state law mandates compulsory school attendance for children of a certain age, and Bloom Academy policy deals with attendance for course credit and a scholar’s final grade.

Under Texas Education Code § 25.095(a), you are hereby notified that if a student is absent from school on ten or more days or parts of days within a six-month period in the same school year, the student’s parent is subject to prosecution under Texas Education Code § 25.093; and the student is subject to referral to a truancy court for truant conduct under Texas Family Code § 65.003(a). 

Bloom Academy shall notify a student’s parent if the student has been absent from school, without excuse, on three days or parts of days within a four-week period. The notice will inform the parent that it is the parent’s duty to monitor the student’s school attendance and require the student to attend school; the student is subject to truancy prevention measures under Texas Education Code § 25.0915; and that a conference between school officials and the parent is needed to discuss the absences.

At Bloom Academy we believe that a strong school culture is everything. An integral part of our culture is operating as a loving and caring team. As a team, all scholars are required to wear the Bloom Academy uniform.  Bloom Academy provides every scholar two Bloom Academy uniform shirts per academic year, as well as a Bloom “Friday” shirt. Additional shirts can be purchased by families directly, and must be purchased from the company, Ibiley, and can be purchased on their website

In general, our uniform requirements are for scholars to wear bottoms that are black or khaki, and have now included plaid as an option for skorts or jumpers. Shirts must be maroon polo-style with the adorned Bloom Academy logo. On Fridays, scholars can wear College or Bloom “Friday” spirit shirts.

Full details on all elements of the uniform policy may be found in the Family Handbook or by contacting us at 346-333-1320.

Bloom Academy prohibits bullying as defined by this section, as well as retaliation against anyone involved in the complaint process. Bullying occurs when a scholar or group of scholars engages in written or verbal expression, expression through electronic means, or physical conduct that occurs on school property at a school-sponsored or school-related activity, or in a vehicle operated by Bloom Academy that: 

  • Has the effect or will have the effect of physically harming a scholar, damaging a scholar’s property, or placing a scholar in reasonable fear of harm to the scholar’s person or of damage to the scholar’s property; or
  • Is sufficiently severe, persistent, and pervasive enough the action or threat creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for a scholar.

Conduct described above is considered bullying if that conduct: 

  • Exploits an imbalance of power between the scholar perpetrator and the scholar victim through written or verbal expression or physical conduct; and 
  • Interferes with a scholar’s education or substantially disrupts the operation of Bloom Academy. 

Bloom Academy also prohibits cyberbullying, which is defined as the use of any electronic communication device to engage in bullying or intimidation. 

Information about how to report a concern that your scholar is the victim of bullying, or observed another scholar being the victim of bullying, can be found in our Family Handbook. 


Instruction begins at 7:30a.m. and school dismisses at 3:30p.m.
If you need to pick your child up early you may do so prior to 2:30p.m. Any requests for early release after 2:30p.m. must wait until dismissal.
We know birthdays are important, and every child deserves to celebrate if they choose to. To minimize classroom disruptions to instructional time, we celebrate the month’s birthdays in each class on the last Friday of the month. We permit parents/families to bring birthday treats for their scholar on the last Friday of each month.